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Investment Management

Our approach to investing is simple, practical and different

We build portfolios that aim to grow your wealth in real terms

We aim to grow your portfolio ahead of inflation and the returns available on cash irrespective of market conditions.

We are free to invest as we see fit – unconstrained by industry convention

We do not copy or track a fixed benchmark and are free to choose any investments we believe will help us achieve your objectives.

We invest with the world’s best investment talent

Our investment team source and invest with the best managers for each specific investment opportunity.

We are risk managers

We quantify risks to help us keep your portfolio aligned with your wishes. We believe that controlling risk is at the heart of generating consistent returns.

We diversify widely

We invest in as many different asset classes, geographies and styles as possible to reduce the portfolio’s reliance on any one factor. We believe this diversification is key to achieving your objectives in the long term.

We have a robust, repeatable process that delivers time after time.

Our team